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"She just wasn’t used to that sort of attention you know, the attention from flawless boys with the killer smile and eyes that made you melt. And that’s why she fell into the trap. She got caught up in the idea of somebody fixing her and finally being shown love, and once she had that attention she craved more. She wasn’t familiar with the type of boy that only had sexual desires, and that’s what fucked her up. All he felt was lust while she felt love. She still feels love though, just with a little more sorrow and misery than before"

- there’s a difference between lust and love. Make it clear exactly what you want from someone before making them fall for you (via nicolafuentes)

(Source: aleriehightower, via livingforthelarrymoments)

"I couldn’t love myself so I loved you instead"

- 10 word poem (insecuritees)

(Source: insecuritees)

"I look at you
and all I feel
is sad."

- 10 word poem by gestured (via widths)